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Tarot/Oracle Reading



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I intuitively choose the Tarot and/or Oracle deck and spreads that I want to use, especially for you. I allow Spirit to guide me to know what you need for your highest good and wellbeing.

Yes, you can ask questions, or ask me to write on a topic for you, but I will always check in with Spirit first to ask what it is that you need to know. Please don't ask questions that are formulated to get a Yes or a No. Thats not how Spirit works. The cards tell a story, allow the cards to do that by asking an open ended question. 

(eg. What am I learning from my relationship?  What awareness do I need to have surrounding my current situation? What action should I be taking now?  What insights can you give me surrounding this situation?)


  • An overview of the Life Lessons 

  • Seeking inner-peace.

  • The truth from a higher perspective.

  • Seeking Wholeness

  • Lacking Clarity

  • Seeking Inspiration

  • Theme for the year ahead

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